Cortina Pet Soul

Cortina Pet Soul is a young Italian company. Our objective is to produce and market pet accessories capable of combining the latest technical solutions with skilled handmade manufacturing, and offer premium quality products to dog and cat owners.
Thanks to the experience of our design and engineering studio, the whole manufacturing process of our products happens in Italy. All the steps of production are realized in Italy or in our European laboratories, including prototype and production and serial manufacturing of products for the market.

Our R&D department is devoted to anticipating market trends, so that our products can adjust to the evolution of lifestyles and ensure ultimate comfort to your pets.

We live and work in a beautiful landscape, between the Dolomite Alps and Venice Lagoon. We get inspiration from the Italian arts and the beauty of nature, as well as from the deep bond between human beings, the mountains and the animals.

We believe in innovation provided it is respectful of the environment. We believe genuine progress can enhance the beauty surrounding us, and protect the delicate balance of nature.

When it comes to our dogs, we all seek the perfect understanding, the feeling of communion that remains unaltered either during a demanding mountain run or a peaceful downtown stroll.

The brand: Coralpina


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